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Archived News Coverage:

2013 News Coverage:

November 20, 2013, Wisconsin bill would make it easier to sue over negative impacts of wind turbines, The Cap Times

November 8, 2013 EPA Holds Listening Session on Carbon Reduction At Coal Plants, WPR

October 23, 2013, Mining Critics Call for Independent Testing, Scrutinize Legislation, WXPR

October 18, 2013, Wisconsin bill would ease way for mining, Associated Press

October 6, 2013, Wisconsin lawmakers cool to DNR pet deer plan, Wisconsin State Journal

October 3, 2013, Sierra Club launches efforts to spread solar power, Madison Commons

September 17, 2013, Madison attorney wins Sierra Club award, Wisconsin State Journal

August 14, 2013, Residents Speak out about Badger Options, Wisconsin State Journal

August 12, 2013, Wisconsin board to get in-depth look at stewardship cuts, Associated Press

August 2, 2013, Clean Energy, not Coal is Wisconsin's Best Bet, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

July 16, 2013, Push to keep paramilitary mine guards from returning, Wisconsin Radio Network

July 12, 2013, Unlicensed armed guards booted from controversial mine site in Wisconsin, NBC News

July 8, 2013, Lawmakers call for removal of armed guards at mining site, Channel 3000

June 8, 2013, Congratulations to local Sierra Club on 50th Anniversary, Wisconsin State Journal Letter-to-the-editor

May 29, 2013, Community Newsletter: Sierra Club, The Journal Times

May 23, 2013, New Report Finds Expensive Highway Projects Might Be Unnecessary, WISPIRG Press Release

May 22, 2013, Letter on road funds cuts OK'd, Jefferson Daily Union

April 30, 2013, Sierra Club chapter addresses climate change, rallies together at anniversary celebration, Madison Commons

April 28, 2013, BIG Climate Event Fights Climate Change, WKOW

April 28, 2013, In Our Backyard, WORT-- Alliant Settlement and 50th Anniversary Coverage

April 23, 2013, Alliant Energy Settles Pollution Case, Agrees to Reduce Coal Use, Wisconsin Public Radio

April 23, 2013, Clean Air Act Settlement with Wisconsin Utilities to Reduce Emissions by More Than 50,000 Tons Annually, Electric Light & Power

April 23, 2013, Legal settlement with WPL to cut air pollution from three coal plants, Wisconsin State Journal

April 22, 2013, Wisconsin Power and Light Company finalizes settlement with EPA and Sierra Club, Wall Street Journal

April 22, 2013, EPA, WPL settle air pollution dispute, Oshkosh Northwestern

April 22, 2013, Utilities agree to clean up coal plants, Janesville Gazette

April 22, 2013, EPA settle with Wis. utilities on coal plant air pollution, Journal Sentinel

Aprill 22, 2013, Sierra Club leader calls for grassroots activism, Badger Herald

April 19, 2013, Sierra Club Head To Visit Wisconsin, Concerned Over Gov's Policies, Wisconsin Public Radio

April 19, 2013, Sierra Club makes Earth Day plans in Wisconsin, Wisconsin Gazette

March 31, 2013, Wisconsin lawmaker floats plan to help control sea lamprey in Great Lakes, Associated Press

March 27, 2013, Sierra Club continues to fight for the environment, Associated Press

March 23, 2013, Forest Coutny off-road-vehicle park proposed, Journal Sentinel

March 22, 2013, De Pere Lawmaker wants open season on woodchucks, Associated Press

March 15, 2013, More crude oil moving through city worries some, La Crosse Tribune

March 11, 2013 Wisconsin Governor Walker signs iron ore mining law, Reuters

March 9, 2013 Mining law, permit probably headed ot court, Journal Sentinel

March 8, 2013 Saukville State Legislator Says Passage of Mining Bill Good for Entire State, Port Washington-Saukville Patch

March 7, 2013 Democratic Leader Sandy Pasch Blasts Passage of Wisconsin Mining Bill, Shorewood Patch

March 5, 2013 Assembly to vote on mining reform, Badger Herald

March 5, 2013 Obama's Pick for EPA Will be Scrutinized For Record on Wisconsin Air Quality, WPR

February 14, 2013, Chris Rickert: Constitutional amendment seems crazy, but it might make sense, Wisconsin State Journal

February 28, 2013, Wisconsin Senate passes mining bill, Wisconsin Gazette

January 24, 2013, Transportation Funding Recommendations Face Tough Road, Wisconsin Radio Network

January 16, 2013, Republicans unveil mining bill with some 'less stringent' regulations, Journal Sentinel

January 16, 2013, Wisconsin Republicans reintroduce mining reform legislation, promise bill will create jobs, Associated Press

January 4, 2013, Green Bay utility to stop burning coal at two state plants, Journal Sentinel



2012 News Coverage:

June 29, 2012, Dairyland settles coal plant pollution suits with EPA, Sierra Club

June 28, 2012, PSC approves We Energies pipeline project: Upgrade will allow for natural gas to Valley Power Plant

June 27, 2012, Spencer Black: Evidence of Global Warming now Overwhelming

June 20, 2012, Coalition Asks We Energies to Commit to Convert Milwaukee coal plant

June 13, 2012, Spencer Black: Lawmakers think they can Alter Laws of Nature

May 30, 2012, Spencer Black: This year, June 5 is real Earth Day

May 30, 2012, PSC plans local rate hike hearing; Valley Group cancels press event

May 12, 2012, Walker's DNR ignores what's best for the state

May 7, 2012, WPS to spend $250 Million to Upgrade Wausau coal boiler

April 26, 2012, Capitol Report: WEAC official, others say they're campaigning 'aggressively' on Falk's behalf

April 10, 2012, Not so fast. We still have work to do on air quality

January 22, 2012, Dave Blouin: Urge State Lawmakers to Reject Mining Bill


2011 News Coverage:

November 9, 2011, Wisconsin DNR responds to air pollution watch list

November 7, 2011, Secret 'Watch List' Reveals Failure to Curb Toxic Air

November 2, 2011, Greens, citing Lake Michigan spill, call for Congress not to block EPA rule

Click here for coverage of We Energies' bluff collapse and coal ash spill

October 27, 2011, Wisconsin Energy earnings rise 15%

October 14, 2011, Clean energy event draws dozens to LTC

Mining News Coverage

October 10, 2011, Alliant working on project to clean power plant emissions

October 7, 2011, Wisconsin utilities, businesses contest air pollution rule

September 24, 2011, Environmentalists hopes to keep Madison's air clean

September 24, 2011, Moving beyond fossil fuels

September 18, 2011, Lake Michigan research platform ready to be shipped to Muskegon

September 14, 2011, Advanced Environmental Metrics Deomnstrated for Green Building At Workshop

September 13, 2011, Sierra Club sues WP&L over alleged coal plant violations

September 2, 2011, Obama backs off tougher air-quality standards

August 26, 2011, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

August 24, 2011, Lawrence University named a "green" school

August 19, 2011, Cell tower fight reaches Afton State Park

August 19, 2011, Sierra Club opposes AT&T cell phone tower near Afton State Park

August 12, 2011, Sierra Club: Power plants killing fish

August 12, 2011, Sierra Club: Power plants killing fish

August 11, 2011, Sierra Club says utility intake systems kill fish

August 11, 2011, Around MN: Bachmann's call for Stillwater bridge noticed

August 4, 2011, Better Environmental and Working Family Protections

August 3, 2011, Money Exceeds Ideas in Recall Campaigns

July 23, 2011, Wisconsin Sierra Club says state Sen. Alberta Darling allowed mercury to harm children with vote against recycling bill

July 22, 2011, Walker administration scales back UW-Madison power project again

July 21, 2011, Bloomberg donates $50 million to Sierra Club anti-coal campaign

July 7, 2011, EPA finalizes stricter air pollution rules for Wisconsin, other states

July 6, 2011, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker signs bills in Ashwaubenon

July 4, 2011, Grass Roots: City eyes revamped rules for political speech

July 2, 2011, Energy facilities sparking interest

June 7, 2011 Iron mining would be economic game-changer for Wisconsin

May 31, 2011, Community Newsletter: Sierra Club

May 25, 2011 Local utilities among potential buyers

May 12, 2011, Sierra Club will oppose mining permit legislation

May 9, 2011, Clean air victory in the Valley

May 5, 2011, We Energies moves toward natural gas instead of coal for Milwaukee plant

April 28, 2011, Rail advocates cite new study

April 21, 2011, UW-L students rally against coal

April 14, 2011, WPSC aims to expand ash piles at Rothschild power plant

April 7, 2011, Party-line split shows divide on EPA's climate change rules

April 1, 2011, Environmental Groups challenge Valley plant's air pollution permit

March 31, 2011, Pollution permit for Milwaukee coal plant challenged

March 25, 2011, CF activist earns Sierra Club honor

March 25, 2011, Lake Michigan buoy approval puts wind-assessment project in motion

March 18, 2011, Labor and Environmentalists Unite Nationwide

March 16, 2011, Congress likely to challenge EPA’s proposed mercury-emission rules

On Wisconsin! Forward, NOT Backward! Day of Action News Coverage

March 3, 2011, Walker’s budget would end mandate for local recycling

February 25, 2011, At Wisconsin Power Plants, Where Biomass Plans are Dead, Work May Be Privatized

February 25, 2011, Environmentalists Stand with Union Workers

February 24, 2011, Enviro Groups Align With Unions in Fierce State Labor Battles

February 24, 2011, Power plant will get pollution controls, Customers of three utilities to pay $627 million

February 23, 2011, Koch Industries says it won’t gain from Wisconsin Bill

February 21, 2011, With Wisconsin’s Protesters: A Cold Night in Madison

February 16, 2011, We Energies ponders Valley plant’s future

February 16, 2011, Menasha eyes new standards for River Street Power Plant

February 15, 2011, Asian carp chief outlines federal government efforts

February 14, 2011, Walker proposes selling state-owned power plants

January 25, 2011, In Our Backyard: Valley Power Plant  

January 23, 2011, Walker announces Charter Street plant will convert to natural gas

January 20, 2011, Walker rejects biomass boiler for power plant

January 20, 2011, State cancels plans for UW biomass plant


2010 News Coverage:

December 29, 2010, UWO heating plant under federal investigation for violating clean air laws

Click here for news from the Minnesota Department of Transporation Hearings

December 6, 2010, State moves to regulate greenhouse gases

December 2, 2010, EPA investigates 15 state power plants for possible clean-air violations

Click here for news from Sierra Club's 'Save the Train' Day of Action

November 4, 2010, Politifact: Sierra Club says killing high-speed rail will...

September 6, 2010, Tainted wells anger residents

August 25, 2010, We Energies Coal Plant Permit Renewal in Question

August 4, 2010, Sierra Club, Clean Wisconsin plot lawsuit against DNR

July 26, 2010, Doing it cleaner

July 10, 2010, We Energies' Valley plant operates under more lenient standards

May 19, 2010, Doyle vetoes bill to promote green buildings

May 19, 2010, Sierra Club’s Bruce Nilles and Kate Colarulli: Don’t switch to tar sands and other dirty fuels

May 19, 2010, Attorney seeks to combine 100-plus oil lawsuits

May 18, 2010, Appeals court decides Sierra Club-DNR dispute on permit for coal-fired power plant

May 14, 2010, Sierra Club's Michael Brune: Death to Dirty Energy

May 13, 2010, Court: Wis. plant must limit emissions visibility

April 29, 2010, Phosphorus rule protects Wisconsin waters

April 29, 2010, Environmentalists Criticize Energy Bill Over Trash Burning

April 21, 2010, Giant puppets kick off Earth Day festivities

March 14, 2010, Bruce Nilles: Stop Attacks on Clean Air Act

March 13, 2010, A Century of Coal Burning Ends at Downtown Power Plant

February 19, 2010, State may shut down five coal-fired power plants

February 16, 2010, Sierra Club sues DNR for Power Plant Records

January 31, 2010, Elizabeth Ward: We must continue to lead on energy issues

January 18, 2010, Sierra Club says DNR dragging heels on clean air complaints


2009 News Coverage

Nov 5, 2009, Sierra Club looks to snuff out coal

October 25, 2009, Was DNR Secretary forced out by Doyle?

May 9, 2009: Nuclear energy too risky when efficiency works

April 21, 2009: Workers can repower, rebuild refuel America

April 13, 2009: Retain Clean Sweep and hike tipping fees

2008 News Coverage

December 13, 2008, Mining Tar Sands is not a Sound Strategy for the Long Term

October 21, 2008: Doyle to EPA: Don't give counties poor air quality report

October 14, 2008: Call it what it is: a dirty, inefficient coal plant, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial by Sierra Club Regional Clean Energy Campaign Director Jennifer Feyerherm

October 8, 2008: Alliant Energy Greenwashing Campaing Aims to Swindle Wisconsin Ratepayers

August 23, 2008, Don't believe the story about oil that got away

August 12, 2008, Emission, energy reduction at heart of proposed building code

August 2, 2008, No Coal Governor Says, He wants state plants in Madison to convert

July 3, 2008: Mayor, Falk Decry Proposed Power Plant's Effect On Dane County