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Sat, June 14: Devil’s Lake State Park Rim Hike

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Sat, July 5: Work Outing to Black Earth Prairie

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Take Action to Stop the Tar Sands Expansion in Wisconsin

Tar Sands


Canadian pipeline company Enbridge is proposing to double the capacity of the Alberta Clipper pipeline that runs across northern Minnesota and Wisconsin to transport 800,000 barrels of tar sands oil per day. This will connect to Line 61 in Wisconsin and will travels from Superior to Flanagan, IL, putting our major waterways at risk. The Department of Natural Resources is considering an air permit for the line.

We need all hands on deck to send an overwhelming message: our lakes, rivers, and climate are too valuable to sacrifice in the name of corporate profits. Urge the DNR to do a full Environmental Assessment today! 




Take Action to Prevent Another Raw Trade Deal Today


The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a devastating trade policy that would cost Wisconsin jobs and lower working conditions and environmental standards worldwide, is being rammed through Congress in an alarming way.  Last week, fast track authority for the TPP was introduced.  Fast track limits legislative review and debate, requiring Congress to vote the deal up or down without amendments. Once approved, the TPP would actually require changes in local law where it conflicts with the terms of the agreement.

Like other free trade agreements before this one, the Sierra Club is concerned that US citizens have been kept in the dark while its details have been negotiated for years in secret by and for the world’s largest corporations. In twenty years NAFTA has cost American workers 700,000 jobs.  How many jobs are we going to lose with the Trans-Pacific Partnership? The Sierra Club is also troubled by the TPP’s potential to undermine state and federal environmental protections. Similar provisions in previous agreements have already led to a race to the bottom that has resulted in water contamination, habitat destruction, and loss of biodiversity for participating countries. Finally, we have acute concerns about the Trans-Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement’s potential to fuel destructive frac sand mining and fracking by speeding up exports of US natural gas to TPP countries with no Department of Energy review or assessment of the environmental or economic implications.

Since 2010, negotiations have been taking place for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a huge, NAFTA-style deal involving the United States and the governments of Australia, Brunei, Chile, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam. Negotiations are being conducted in secret, with little opportunity for citizens to see what is being proposed and agreed to.  Everything from labor standards, food safety, environmental standards and human rights will be rolled back and dismantled if the TPP passes.  The public deserves the necessary time to debate and fully understand the ramifications of this massive trade deal. Click here to send a letter to your member of Congress.  Tell them to get TPP off fast track today.


Urge Legislators to Support Clean Energy for Wisconsin!

Sign the petition & help us reach our 5,000 signature goal this summer! 

Wisconsin’s job creation rank continues to slip as we send over $12.5 billion out of state to import fossil fuels every year. We have a great chance to kickstart our economy by using assets that exist in our state right now to create high-tech renewable energy jobs. All that is missing is the political will to grasp the future. By investing in clean energy, Wisconsin will be far better positioned to compete in the 21st Century economy.

Wisconsin’s 10% Renewable Electricity Standard (RES) will be met by all of our utilities by  2015. New goals are needed now to ensure continued renewable energy development that will create jobs, protect our health and environment, and keep more of our money in Wisconsin. We cannot afford to fall behind as clean energy companies chase states with better policies!  Sign our petition urging your state legislators to protect our environment and create jobs by expanding renewable electricity standards, improving net metering, and allowing clean energy choice today!

Clean Energy Creates Jobs! Wisconsin already employs over 1,600 in the solar industry and another 2-3,000 in the wind industry. Investing in clean energy would stimulate economic development, provide revenue for rural communities, and create much-need jobs in a variety of areas, from manufacturing to research to installation and maintenance positions.

Wisconsin can't afford to fall behind in the clean energy race!  According to the American Wind Energy Association, Wisconsin had only 648 MW of wind installed by the end of 2012, as compared to 988 MW in Michigan, 1,543 MW in Indiana, 3,568 MW in Illinois, 5,133 MW in Iowa, and 2,987 MW in Minnesota.  As we look around to neighboring states, we are left wondering, why isn’t Wisconsin open for clean energy business?

Clean Air Protects our Environment! Burning coal is the top contributor to climate change, and Mercury from coal-fired power plants has led to fish consumption advisories for every lake and river in Wisconsin. Clean energy provides an emission-free alternative to coal.

Clean Energy Protects our Health!  Soot and smog from coal-fired power plants have been linked to asthma, heart attacks, and deaths. In contrast, no peer-reviewed studies have found any negative health effects of wind energy, or evidence of ‘wind turbine syndrome.’

Sign our petition urging your state legislators to protect our environment and create jobs by expanding renewable electricity standards, improving net metering, and allowing clean energy choice today!

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