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Nov. 4: VOTE!

Nov. 15: John Muir: Univeristy of the Wilderness-Cedarburg Cultural Center Tickets on sale now

Nov. 18: Cruisin' to Cento

Dec. 14: Winter Bonfire at Picnic Point



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Join the Sierra Club

Aspen LeafOne of the easiest ways to support grassroots environmental action in Wisconsin is to join the Sierra Club. When you join the Sierra Club you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to preserve Wisconsin’s irreplaceable land and water resources, save endangered and threatened wildlife, and reduce the levels of toxins and pollutants in our environment. You can be sure that your voice will be heard through congressional lobbying and grassroots action on the environmental issues that matter to you most.

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The quote below, excerpted from an article written by R. Helminiak for the Jan. 1968 issue of Milwaukee magazine, highlights the impact of concerned Sierrans on conserving Wisconsin’s natural resources.  This quote is as timely today as it was back then in explaining why YOU should join the Sierra Club today! 

…Wisconsin’s scenic resources have become a heritage that cannot survive without an intelligent appraisal by its heirs.  Although recognized, their reality can be erased by bureaucratic expediency or multiple use plans that meet certain needs but preserve nothing…  Fortunately, for both resources and citizens, the philosophy of John Muir has returned to Wisconsin and flourishes in the Sierra Club’s state chapter…  The Wisconsin Sierrans now seek a similar understanding by catalyzing Muir’s philosophy into a cogent reaction between nature and the individual.

Your paid membership includes:

  • Automatic membership in all branches of the Sierra Club including the statewide John Muir Chapter and local group, where available
  • One-year monthly subscription to Sierra magazine
  • One-year quarterly Subscription to the Muir View Newsletter
  • One-year subscription to local group newsletter, where available
  • Access to both our local and worldwide outings program
  • Members-only ecotravel opportunities
  • Discounts on Sierra Club calendars, books, and other merchandise


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In addition to helping the planet, your membership will also earn you:

  • Members only communications on important issues including Sierra Club political endorsements
  • Access to Trainings on everything from outings leadership to political advocacy.
  • Pride: Only Sierra Club members can say they belong to the nation's oldest, largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization
  • Camaraderie: You'll find plenty of opportunities to share your passion with like-minded friends as you Explore, Enjoy & Protect the planet
  • A Megaphone: One voice alone can get lost but may voices joined together will be heard. Sierra Club elevates the voices of its' members
  • A Vote: Only members are allowed to vote in club elections, shaping the club and its' policies

Take the next step in protecting our environment, join the Sierra Club today!

Then ask a friend to join, or better yet, give a gift membership!

Click here to download a letter than can be printed out and given to a friend!