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Highland Wind Farm

The Highland Wind Farm is a proposed wind project for the Town of Forest (St. Croix County).  The proposed farm will have 41 turbines and 102.5 megawatts of electricity.  Getting the Highland Wind Farm permitted has been an ongoing battle riddled with propaganda and misinformation about wind energy.

The Public Service Commission has agreed to reopen the case and reconsider permitting the wind farm.  There is a public hearing scheduled for August 14 in Madison and they are accepting online, public comments until August 13. 

Opponents will be out in full force, including filling a bus for the hearing.  Don't let a vocal minority shut the door on clean energy in Wisconsin!

You can submit a comment following these steps:

  1. Go to the PSC website and fill out your information
  1. Write your comment.  Feel free to use our talking points below to help form your comment, but the best comments tell your personal story and personal reason for wanting wind energy in Wisconsin.
  1. Click 'File Comments'


Here are some talking points:

  • Wind energy is good for Wisconsin's health, economy, and environment.
  • Wind is a proven clean energy resource.  Wisconsin is falling behind other states.  25% of the energy generated in Iowa comes from wind energy; all other neighboring states have invested in wind energy while Wisconsin has actively shut out clean energy.
  • 3 wind projects in Wisconsin were lost as a result of the legislature suspending Wisconsin’s uniform wind-siting rules, causing the loss of hundreds of megawatts of clean energy and 1,100 potential jobs.
  • Investments in wind energy create jobs and economic development.  The Highland Wind Farm will create over 100 jobs during construction and up to 8 permanent jobs.
  • Wisconsin's Wind Siting Law (PSC 128) was created to overcome the patchwork of local regulations that has threatened clean energy jobs in Wisconsin.  PSC 128 offers wind energy businesses with regulatory certainty that is sorely needed in order to compete with neighboring states for wind energy jobs. 
  • PSC 128 is the law and Highland Wind Farm will conform to the law.  The PSC needs to make decisions based on the law and what is good for the health of Wisconsin.  The Highland Wind Farm is both.
  • Wisconsin wants and needs wind and we shouldn't let a vocal minority take that from us.