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Moving Wisconsin Beyond Coal

Coal is a rock made of mostly carbon and, like all fossil fuels, was cause by plant matter decaying at the bottom of a sea, trapped under mud or another matter that prevents oxidation.  Coal has been used for centuries for electricity.  Recently (especially with the industrial revolution and growing population), electrical use has grown, and along with it the use of coal.  We are now starting to see the destruction this causes.

Burning coal is the top contributor to climate change, and is major threat to our health and our habitats. Mercury pollution from coal-fired power plants has contaminated every lake, river, and waterway in Wisconsin. Soot pollution from coal-fired power plants has been linked to over 550,000 asthma attacks, 38,000 heart attacks, and 22,000 avoidable deaths annually in the United States. In Wisconsin, over 123,000 children and over 400,000 adults struggle with asthma.  Asthma alone costs Wisconsin over $1 billion each year. Burning coal is the only cause of toxic coal ash, which is finding its way into drinking water all over the state.

Thanks to those who spoke out for the Valley Power Plant conversion at the Public Service Commission Hearing November 14! Click here for more information!

Corporate polluters have launched a major propaganda campaign to make the public believe in "clean coal." Unfortunately, this is a myth created by ad executives meant to keep our energy policy in the dark ages. Click here to learn more.

Learn More about the Effects of Burning Coal:

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Climate Change

 Mountaintop Removal Mining
Soot and Smog Pollution
Mercury Pollution


Stopping the Coal Rush:

We still have several large, old coal plants that should be retired rather than being allowed to continue polluting our air, jeopardizing our health and contributing to climate change.

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