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Soot and Smog

Soot and smog pollution from coal-fired power plants has been linked to over 550,000 asthma attacks, 38,000 heart attacks, and 22,000 avoidable deaths annually in the United States. In Wisconsin, over 123,000 children and over 400,000 adults struggle with asthma.  Asthma alone costs Wisconsin over $1 billion each year.


Soot (NOx & SO2) Smog (NOx & VOCs)


Public Health Dangers:

  • Triggers heart attacks and strokes
  • Increases risk of asthma
  • Linked to irregular heartbeat
  • Linked to premature death



Public Health Dangers:

  • Like a sunburn in the lungs
  • Increases risk of asthma
  • Causes shortness of breath
  • Causes permanent lung damage
  • Can result in premature death


Environmental Effects:

  • Depletes soil nutrients
  • Destroys forests and crops
  • Acidification of water


Environmental Effects:

  • Destroys entire ecosystems
  • Weakens plant and tree growth, making them vulnerable to disease, insects, and extreme weather
  • Reduces crop productivity


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