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The Triple-Threat to Transit

    As we have seen in a number of instances, there are a nuumber of victims (people and programs) that are hurt (often as unintended consequences) due to Governor Walker's extreme agenda.  Unfortunately, especially as gas prices rise, Wisconsin's transit system is one of those 'victims'. Read on to learn about the 'Triple- Threat to Transit' or click here to learn about the benefits of transit to riders and the community.

Threat #1: Budget Repair Bill:

     Once collective bargaining rights are stripped from public workers, including transit employees, $47 million in federal-aid for transit must be forfeited.  In order to receive these funds, transit workers must have the collective bargaining rights that are deprived under the Budget Repair Bill.  A reduction of $47 million would translate to a 30-50% in funding for many systems in Wisconsin (such as Sheboygan, Appleton, Oshkosh, and more).  Giving away federal transit aid has the same effects giving away the high-speed rail money did, it cost jobs and led to Wisconsin having to pay for something the federal government would have provided.

           Click here for the Huffington Post article or Click here for the Journal Sentinel Editorial

Threat #2: Removing Transit from the Transportation Fund:

       By removing transit from the Transportation Fund, mass transit services will now have to compete with the shrinking amount of money in the General Fund.  Transit provides a vital connection between home and the workplace.  30% of Milwaukee residents depend on the transit system which would now, under Governor Walker’s budget, clash against education for money in the General Fund.

           Click here for the Cap Times explaination or Click here for the Journal Sentinel Article

Threat #3: Loss of Regional Transit Authorities (RTAs):

      After working tirelessly to get Regional Transit Authorities in place for Southeastern Wisconsin, Dane County, the Chippewa Valley, and the Chequamegon Bay, Robin Vos and Glenn Grothman have written a bill that will eliminate these.  RTA’s allows for mass transit, like Madison Metro, to expand its services boundaries beyond municipal borders and serve a larger population of transit users. The RTA plans around current and future transportation needs to create a smarter, more efficient system. Click here to learn more about RTAs.  Please stay tuned for updates about the loss of Regional Transit Authorities. 

Click here to learn more about the benefits of transit!

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Click here to read Sierra Club's statements about the Budget and Budget Repair Bill.


What can you do?

Write a letter-to-the-editor about the threat!  Click here for the 'Triple Threat to Transit' Challenge.