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A tenth grade Earth Science student was assigned the project: "What agency or group represents opposing views of the Sierra Club?"

This page was inspired by her question.

I am the webmaster for the GROUP that is in the Appleton area. There are nine groups in Wisconsin, making up the Chapter. Then there's the rest of the United States and Canada. Visit What Is The Sierra Club? for more on this.

There is far too much information for me to keep up with, or hope to include on my website. You would do well to go to the National site for much of your research.

I'll let you do the homework yourself, but let me suggest some ideas.

The Sierra Club is dedicated to protecting the environment. And sometimes our ideas clash with the ideas of people who aren't as concerned about the environment.

You're probably aware that President Bush and the oil industry want to open up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) in Alaska to oil drilling. We believe that this is not a responsible idea, and oppose it.

You might know that a mining company wants to create a huge, dangerous, dirty mine in Crandon. They hope to make some money. They tell us that their mine will not cause any environmental problems, but we're pretty sure that it is a VERY BAD idea.

The Perrier water people want to "mine" our water -- millions of gallons of our underground water. It would make immense profits for the company. But we think it would do harm to our underground water reserves and the environment.

The paper industry along the Fox River carelessly made a big mess with PCB chemicals in earlier years. Experts tell of the environmental harm this is, and say that the mess should be cleaned up and contained. Industry would prefer ignoring the problem.

Tree logging companies like to do business without regard to the life in the forest. They may not care that an endangered owl (for example) might live only in this forest and need these trees to be left alone.

Or a business or real estate developer buys some swampy wetland and wants to drain it and build something. He doesn't care how the environment may need that wetland.

We now know that hydroelectric dams prevent the migration of fish, and cause other problems.

We know that roads are being built all over the place. We'd like to slow down "sprawl" and make sure growth is planned.

We like to see recycling done. Sometimes this runs counter to mainstream business ideas.

Some people like to entertain themselves with hobbies that are destructive to the environment. Imagine driving an off-road vehicle all over a fragile environment. (See for examples of this in Utah.) Some people think it is their right to drive their trucks all over the place, even if it wrecks the place.

Somewhat less obnoxious, snowmobiles and jet-skis are noisy and cause pollution, and certainly are obnoxious to people who enjoy the quiet and the wilderness.

I think you should be able to find lots of ideas for businesses (or even government) that wish the Sierra Club would just go away.

--Alan Lawrence (Webmaster)

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