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CAFOs In Wisconsin

Concentrated animal feeding operations (also known as factory farms) CAFOs, as well as smaller, unpermitted farming operations, can pose significant risks to the environment and public health. The number of CAFOs in Wisconsin has risen steadily in the past few decades, growing from about 20 in 1990 to 235 as of 2012. With the increase in CAFO numbers comes increased potential for the environmental harm associated with these operations. This site provides both an overview of CAFOs in the state and information about monitoring and resisting CAFOs in your area. 

According to the Sierra Club's national website, "The Sierra Club opposes all permits for new or expanded factory farms, and encourages consumers to find safe and sustainable sources for their meat, poultry, eggs and dairy products."

Take Action

If you are encountering issues with a nearby CAFO, you are not powerless to stop them. On these pages, you’ll find an overview of monitoring existing CAFOs for water quality violations and addressing proposed CAFOs in your area.  Depending on the situation that applies to you, click one of the links below:

  • You are concerned about pollution from an existing CAFO in your area (click here)
  • You are concerned about a proposed new CAFO or CAFO expansion in your area (click here)
  • You want additional information and CAFO resources (click here)

To learn more about CAFOs in Wisconsin, click here.

To learn about stopping CAFO pollution in your area, click here.