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Conservation Subcommittees:

      In order to continue to fight for clean air and clean water, the Sierra Club has 4 conservation committees.  The teams assist the conservation work by helping create and implement campaign plans, organize events, and outreach to other members and volunteers.  The four teams include:

  1. Water Sentinels: protects clean water by helping to pass legislation, fight Concentrated Animal Feed Operations (CAFOs), monitor water, and protect the Great Lakes.
  2. Beyond Coal to Clean EnergyWorking to move Wisconsin beyond dirty coal to cleaner energy solutions, by fighting individual coal plants, engaging in corporate campaigns, and advocating for protective regulations.  The subcommittee promotes clean energy developments and policies as well as energy efficiency.
  3. Beyond Oil through Clean Transportation: Leading the charge to reduce oil consumption by reducing demand (through mass transit and bicycling) and fighting the irresponsible drilling of oil, such as offshore drilling and tar sands oil.
  4. Mining: The mining committee works to stop the proposed iron mine in the Penokee Range and the frac-sand mining onslaught in Western and Central Wisconsin.

Conservation Team Responsiblities:

  • Establish norms and operating procedures that build trust among team members, volunteer Chapter leaders and staff, maintain intellectual honesty and respectful dialogue, and address disagreements constructively.
  • Create campaign plans for timely statewide conservation work related to our priority issues of protecting water and reducing the impacts of global warming.  Each campaign plan must include annual goals / deliverables (ie, 50 letters to the editor, recruiting 300 people to attend public meeting), timeline and a budget. 
  • Create and deliver campaign budgets to the John Muir Chapter.  Once budget is submitted, specific campaign-related expenses should be anticipated in advance and submitted to the JMC-Steering committee for approval.  
  • Research Issues to develop issue positions.  Recommend adoption of positions as needed by the John Muir Chapter.
  • Assist Chapter in creating timely external communications (Action Alerts, Campaign Updates, press releases, Letters to the Editor, White Papers with background/talking points) for each campaign that can be distributed to Sierra Club Chapter/ Groups, media, legislators as appropriate.
  • Create internal communications for the John Muir Chapter (written updates provided to Conservation Chair prior to each ExCom meeting)
  • Recruit, coordinate, and organize statewide volunteers to participate in campaign (i.e., coordinate phone banks, events tabling, event volunteers, find speakers, people to circulate petitions and fliers, etc).
  • Hold campaign-related events with Chapter support (i.e., Town Hall meetings, film screenings, panel discussions, etc).
  • Communicate to decisionmakers and gather information at meetings, public hearings (i.e., Legislative hearings, DNR enviros meetings with Sec. Frank, Water Table, MMSD, SEWRPC, etc.) as needed.
  • Participate in existing coalitions and develop new relationships with allies, and encourage them to participate in our conservation campaigns.  (Labor, faith, low-income, students, tribes etc). 

Team Member Requirements

  • All team members must participate in initial team training, and attempt to participate in all team meetings.
  • Team members must maintain valid Sierra Club membership throughout duration of team term.
  • Each team member must commit to serve at least one year and to help Chapter recruit and train their replacement before leaving the team.
  • Each team member must follow all applicable Sierra Club policies and requirements.

Applicants should:

  • Knowledgeable about the work and activities of the John Muir Chapter
  • Brings specific skills, experience or perspective needed for the team to accomplish its work
  • Willingness to accept direction from the Executive Committee or its designees
  • Accountable for delivering timely and complete campaign plans, budget requests and other materials to Executive Committee
  • Demonstrated ability to work cooperatively with others and as part of a team
  • Demonstrated ability to engage in robust but constructive debate with other team members that leads to shared understanding and agreement
  • Demonstrated ability to think strategically about Wisconsin as a whole, beyond his or her own areas of expertise or interest
  • Demonstrated willingness to embrace new ways of exercising leadership to achieve goals
  • Demonstrated ability to put Club interests ahead of personal interests
  • Willingness to commit the needed time and participate fully in the work of the Priority Issue Team, including attendance at in-person meetings
  • Demonstrated ability to follow through on commitments

Contact Elizabeth Ward at for more information.