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Retaining Common-Sense Safeguards on Nuclear Energy

Some are considering removing a law that has been on the books since 1984 requiring utilities to demonstrate that building a new nuclear plant is the least cost option for ratepayers, and that there is a Kewaunee Nuclear Plantsafe, permanent way to store the resulting radioactive waste. 

The Sierra Club feels that nuclear energy is too risky, too expensive, and too slow to effectively address climate change.  This proposal will fail to create jobs, as Wisconsin won't need additional sources of baseload power for at least 10 years. 

Energy efficiency and renewable energy are proven, safe solutions to climate change that will create thousands of family-supporting jobs and benefit our environment now.  Check out our information below on how expanding nuclear energy in Wisconsin threatens our clean energy future.

Sierra Club resources

Nuclear Energy: Solution to Climate Change or Dangerous Distraction? (PowerPoint, 2 MB)

Sierra Club - John Muir Chapter Nuclear Energy Brochure (pdf, 2011)

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Editorial, May 9, 2009: Nuclear energy too risky when efficiency works

Sierra Club - John Muir Chapter's statement from our November 2009 joint press conference with Wisconsin Environment (MS Word, regarding the release of their report, Generating Failure)

Sierra Club - John Muir Chapter's nuclear energy fact sheet (pdf, 2009)

Sierra Club's national conservation policy on nuclear energy

Carbon - Free, Nuclear - Free Wisconsin Coalition, Joint Sign - On Letter Delivered to State Legislators (pdf, January 2011)


Links to Other Nuclear Energy Resources

Wisconsin Network for Peace & Justice, Carbon-Free, Nuclear-Free page

Institute for Energy and Environmental Research

Generating Failure: How Building Nuclear Power Plants Would Set America Back in the Race Against Global Warming, Wisconsin Environment, 2009

Nuclear Bailout, a project of Physicians for Social Responsibilities Safe Energy Program

Have You Heard Enough? Please Get Involved!

Please write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper and urge local, state and federal decisionmakers to maintain nuclear energy safeguardsthat have protected ratepayers and our environment in Wisconsin since 1984.   We need to work towards cleaner, safer, cheaper energy options like energy efficiency and renewables that will reduce the threat of climate change and put us back to work!  

Questions?  Sierra Club - John Muir Chapter, 222 S. Hamilton St., #1, Madison, WI  53703,  (608) 256-0565,