Do Something For the Rivers!

Paddle the planet.



Most of us got into paddling because it is absolutely the best way to see beautiful and exciting rivers. Unfortunately, right now,  our rivers are constantly being exposed to a wide range of threats. There are many ways that you can become involved with protecting our rivers for the future. Just a few are listed below.

1. Become an active member of  the River Alliance of Wisconsin and sign up for their C.A.N.O.E. (Citizen Action Network for Our Environment) activist newsletter.

2. Contact your local Sierra Club and become involved. If they don't have a committee to protect local rivers, start one! They need your help and have many resources.

3. Check our own website for occasional political alerts concerning Wisconsin's rivers and visit the Take Action page on the Wisconsin Sierra Club website.

rich on the peshtigo
Rich on the PeshTIGO