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Some of these links are linked to each other, so there are lots of ways to get at the information. We'll be happy to swap links with any other paddling pages not listed here.

Other Clubs and Organizations

-Eau Claire area
Green Bay Paddlers United
Northern Paddle & Trail
River Alliance of Wisconsin -a grass-roots organization working to ensure a healthy future for Wisconsin's rivers. This site has many links to other environmental organizations.

American Whitewater -a conservation and education organization for whitewater rivers. Check them out & join up!
American Rivers -a lobbying organization for saving waterways. Each year they rate the 10 most endangered rivers in the US and work for river preservation and/or restoration. They deserve your support.
American Canoe Association
Wisconsin Hoofers Outing Club -University of Wisconsin-Madison's outdoor club
Wausau Canoe Kayak Corporation
Badger State Boating Society
Sierra Club Group: Four Lakes (Madison)
Sierra Club Group: Southeast Gateway (Racine)
Sierra Club Group: Fox Valley
Sierra Club Group: Great Waters (Milwaukee)

Wisconsin Rivers 

USGS Wisconsin Current Streamflow Data -updated daily
Wisconsin Rivers Data -a detailed listing from theAmerican Whitewater Affiliation
Canoeing the Wisconsin River -quiet water information
Nicolet Nat'l Forest Canoeing -detailed information on 6 northern Wisconsin Rivers
Kirk Schutte's Paddles and Pathways Page  -from Madison and with a wealth of information
Whitewater Paddleguides' Wisconsin and Michigan Page

Close (sort of), but Out of State, Canoeing 

Rapids Riders -Minnesota whitewater paddlers
Whitewater Paddleguides
Isle Royale National Park Official Home Page
Isle Royale National Park, An Unofficial Page -an isle & lakes on the isle
Boundary Waters Reservation Service
Friends of the BWCA
Minnesota State Canoe Routes


Safety Code of American Whitewater -excellent document

Some Commercial Sites

Rohr's Wilderness Tours - Vilas County
Bear Paw Outdoor Adventure Resort

Boulder Outdoor Center
Great Outdoor Recreation Pages (GORP) - Paddling; some commercial stuff here
Carl's Paddlin' -a canoe retailer in Madison, WI and a good guy
Mohawk Canoes
Old Town Canoe Company -the company's commercial site
Dagger Canoe and Kayak Company -the company's commercial site
Nantahala Outdoor Center in North Carolina


Madawaska Kanu Centre
Costa Rica Rios
-paddle Costa Rica
-discussion of all things paddling
Silent Sports Magazine
All About Rivers (Adventure Sports Technology)
Paddler Magazine
Hurley's Journal -a quarterly print journal devoted to wilderness canoe camping
Canoe and Kayak Magazine
Outside Magazine
Yahoo! - Recreation:Outdoors -one of the great search engines narrowed down to "our" topic
A list of Whitewater outfitters

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