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Wisconsin Sierra Club Solar Homes Program

As part of our campaign to reduce Wisconsin's dependance on dirty fossil fuels, we're launching a campaign to get every Wisconsin homeowner to discover that solar can work for them. And we're starting our campaign with you. You can take charge of your energy use and make a difference on climate change by helping us reach our goal of getting at least 20 new solar systems installed in Wisconsin by December 31, 2015!

It takes just a few minutes to fill out the online form or call 608-438-9026 to schedule a FREE home solar assessment for Sierra Club members and supporters who live anywhere in the state of Wisconsin. 


Why Solar, & Why Now?

1) Our current reliance on dirty fossil fuels is not sustainable for us, or for future generations. We are already seeing how impacts of climate change, from rising temperatures to droughts to flooding, can impact our farms, forests, and fisheries.

2) The energy debt we are creating saddles future generations with a challenge we can address now with common-sense actions to reduce climate change costs.

3) The Sierra Club's Solar Homes campaign, combined with federal and state incentives and historically low solar costs, make residential solar affordable to almost everyone today.

With solar panels on your roof, you can get 100% of your electricity from the sun, even in Wisconsin! And you will be playing a key role in our fight to reduce climate change threats.

As part of the Solar Homes campaign, the Sierra Club is excited to announce that we will be partnering with H&H Solar.  H&H is a leading solar company that has been installing solar electric and solar hot water systems since 1999, and clean energy systems they have installed are already avoiding emissions of over 4 million pounds of carbon dioxide each year! H&H prides itself as a union shop that employs master electricians. They offer customers the option of using solar panels manufactured in the United States!

H&H makes going solar remarkably easy, and they are providing critical support to the Sierra Club - John Muir Chapter for each homeowner who goes solar through this program. 

Even better, Sierra Club members and supporters who go solar through this program will get a discount on their system (a percentage based on system size), and the percentage of your discount increases as more people participate in the program!

Find out if you can save money and fight climate change by putting solar on your roof! Fill out the survey to request a free solar assessment today, check out H&H Solar's webpage for details, and contact us with any questions you have at (608) 256-0565 or email

Shahla M. Werner
Director, Sierra Club – John Muir Chapter